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R.O. Maquinarias is a rental store providing light equipments for commercial and residential construction projects, located in Cancun city, having another branch in Mexico City.


They need to track their rents in real-time because in some occasions they used to lost many machines. Also, they want to know who has the machines, due dates in order to recover the equipment.

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Development Tools

Drømbit staff glad to share the tools, techniques and technology required to create magic products. In the following list we are going to show the things which let us achieve our goals.

Google Drive

Google Drive

This amazing tool allows us to sync files from the computer to the web, save documentation provided by the customers. Furthermore, with this tool, we are able to have access to all our documents, files, calendars and everything else for collaborative teams.



Undoubtedly, Moqups is our favorite tool to create wireframes. Provides an extremely cost effective way to design something out, really fast. Wireframing in moqups makes it super easy to represent where various elements will go and depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together.

Sketch App

Sketch App

When we need a user interface design of software or web design, we like to use Sketch App. The app provides only what is necessary to do web and UI work, making for a much faster design process.



Furthermore of amazing technologies and tools that we use. In Drombit believe that keep the passion impact of our behavior to let us create a better products with high quality.

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